After D:hive

D:hive was designed as a three year project in 2012. Its welcome center provided individuals with the information and resources to live, work, engage or build a business in the city. Over three years, D:hive launched multiple programs and assisted countless visitors and existing Detroiters at its location in downtown Detroit. Its success led to the formation of two new organizations in 2015—the Detroit Experience Factory and Build Institute—which continue to carry D:hive’s mission forward.

Formerly D:hive’s tour program, this organization creates experiences that are enlightening, entertaining and led by Detroiters in order to demonstrate that Detroit is an exceptional place to live, work, and play.

They offer:
• Public & private tours, special event coordination, & Detroit orientation experiences.
• A welcome center for locals and visitors, helpful Detroit ambassadors, maps, & more.
• Live and work resources for new or existing residents and professionals.

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Previously D:hive’s Build program, this organization trains people to turn their business ideas into reality by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support network in Detroit.

They offer:
• Classes and small business training for current & aspiring entrepreneurs.
• Business networking events for the public & a variety of alumni support resources.
• Vending opportunities for Detroit entrepreneurs through ongoing pop-up marketplaces.

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Good Done Daily is an independent graphic design studio formed by D:hive’s Director of Design, Andy Kopietz. Based in Detroit, its clients include philanthropic, non-profit, cultural, and civic organizations. This small practice of designers creates identities, websites, information graphics, way-finding, books and objects for clients, audiences (and themselves). Initially hatched over a lunch-time conversation with friends, the studio continues to evolve its belief that design has the capacity to advance society and businesses alike.

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D:hive’s executive director Jeff Aronoff formed Sidewalk Ventures to work with Michigan small businesses to raise money from community investors. It’s time to design new methods of funding that provide capital for businesses and empower individuals with alternative ways to support their local economy. Sidewalk Ventures operates under the philosophy that raising money locally works best with a combination of personal advice, community engagement and powerful technology. The result is good for commerce and community, which makes raising money profitable and meaningful for everyone involved.

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D:hive: 2012–2015

In this book, you’ll read about the people, programs, and values that made D:hive an inspiring place to so many. There are numerous lessons to be learned from this journey, several of which are detailed throughout these pages. At its core, D:hive was about making connections between people and that means each and every one of you.

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